BMExpert is an online biomedical expert finding service based on MEDLINE. Its aim is to find defined experts by given specific topic query through language model weighted by impact factor. This online service is easy to use and has a better performance compared with other biomedical expert finding service.


The query is which topic you want to find experts.

"Weight by" option is candidate weights which can be changed among first and last author, first author, last author, all authors.

"Considering" option is influence of paper content and journal impact factor. "Balance" means the content and impact factor will be considered together. "Only paper content" means impact factor of each paper will be ignore. "Only journal impact factor" means we will neglect content.

"Expert Number"option is nubmer of expert which will be shown in the output page.


The default result is ranking by score.

Below each expert name, there are 3 links to PubMed, Google and Google Scholar which can search this expert in these three websites.

The expert's papers relevant to the inputting query will display in right of this expert. One paper will be shown in default. If papers are more than 1, you can click "more" button to see other papers. These papers are ranking by impact factor for each expert.

Another view is sort by name of all experts.

You can also use filter to search information in the result.